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At the heart of the solutions we develop is always the positive impact our products have on business. We believe that not every situation requires custom development for businesses to operate more efficiently. That's why we bring dynamically evolving products to the market that can provide real value and tangible results for specific business areas.


Do you need a more efficient training process at your company, or would you like to digitize your workplace safety and fire safety training? Would you like to save time and costs on workforce development? Skillnaut is a learning experience platform specifically created for corporate needs. Our solution allows for the complete spectrum of corporate training to be managed within one system, with a high degree of automation. This includes e-learning, in-person training, and even online courses. Skillnaut enables companies to easily create their own digital educational content, significantly enhancing employee competitiveness and increasing the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for their work.

Of course, if you would prefer to leave the creation of content to experts, Skillnaut’s content development team can assist with that as well.

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nGenGreens is a modular, IoT- and AI-based platform for optimizing the productivity of hydroponic farms.

It's intelligent because we use automated and AI-supported technology to collect and process data, detecting and predicting changes in water, greenhouse environment, and plant conditions. It's high-tech because our team's scientific, specific technological, and IT background has enabled the development and adaptation of new technologies in water filtration, sensors, and data management. It's sustainable because our low-maintenance sensors replace many manual labor processes. It's cost-effective because the use of nGenGreens modules results in cost savings and a quick return on investment for our partners. It's environmentally friendly because it significantly reduces the fertilizer and energy needs of a hydroponic greenhouse as well as the resulting wastewater.

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